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Glaze Combinations From Last Firing

During the last firing of my new kiln, I tried some glaze combos I haven’t tried before. I fired at cone 5 with a 10 minute hold. The kiln ended up over firing so I will not be doing a hold in future firings. The glaze was applied to cone 04 bisque ware. There were some pinholes in the glaze but it was minimal, I still find the glaze combo very nice looking. It will be interesting once I try it agin with no hold or over firing to see how it comes out.

Glazes used

Glazes were applied in order listed.

Amaco Honey Flux entire inside and out – 3 coats.

Amaco Chun Plum on the rim – 3 coats

Amaco Textured Turquoise about an inch wide below the rim but overlapping the previous 2 glazes – 3 coats

Clay Used:

Laguna Speckled Buff Stoneware

Raw glaze before glaze firing

After glaze firing

Planter from the top after glaze firing